RMIT Bachelor of Fashion

Fashion Program

Kettle Green Brewing were the proud sponsors of the RMIT Bachelor Of Fashion Program, creating the Crumpet California Common limited release beer specifically for the event.

The Fashion Line Up is an exploration of contemporary and traditional design outcomes presented by five honours students of the RMIT Bachelor of Fashion Program. They have worked in collaboration with illustrator Maria Kim to present a snapshot of their work across the Crumpet California Common limited release beer by Kettle Green Brewing.

Maria Kim is a fashion and portrait illustrator who is based in Melbourne. Her practice fuses both digital and hand illustration techniques to create detailed and beautiful imagery that reflect the essence of thoughtful design.
Crumpet California Common was brewed as part of the sponsorship of the The Line Up 2016. It is a lightly fruity beer with a firm maltiness that showcases both American and New Zealand hops.